Friday, July 9, 2010

Beginning the Curriculum

10 Lessons
2 or 3 Hours each
Media Production is integrated with each lesson

This curriculum is being created in order to be implemented as part of the Re-Mapping Our (his)Stories Project. The curriculum is a crash course in media production and media literacy that uses community histories as a tool for creativity and content. Ultimately, those who participate in this curriculum will gain the skills to create a media history as well as the tools to analyze their positions in the world and ideally this will serve as a space to allow youth to empower themselves through their place within (his)story.

The lessons are being created for different age ranges, some specified, some not, anyone wishing to utilize this curriculum should pay attention to the specific needs present within their space and target the activities to fit the group.

Your (his)Story
Keepers of History

I would like to start implementing and actually using this curriculum, if anyone knows of groups who would be interested in this sort of on going project they should contact me at

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