Thursday, July 1, 2010

Re-Mapping Our (his)Stories

Re-Mapping Our (his)Stories is a collection of stories, a preservation of lives and a reconstruction of histories. Untold stories posses the power to analyze, restructure and overthrow the systems that hold us captive. Communities must unite around stories of common history to seek the roots of oppression and fight the systems that hide those stories in the first place. Re-Mapping Our (his)Stories is a multi-media exploration of history, her-story, my-story, and your-story.

This project is being created as part of my Division III Project (similar to a senior thesis) at Hampshire College. The project consists of the creation and implementation of curriculum with youth that invites youth to re-create their own histories in the form of a 'media history' which is a hybrid of an oral history and a video project.

Ultimately these projects as well as my own 'media histories' will be showcased in an interactive historical time line as well as online which will re-map how histories are organized and presented. I believe that if we re-frame how histories are created and presented it can bring attention to the intersections and relationships between different histories.

This blog will serve as a forum for updating people on the status of the project throughout the next year.

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