Sunday, August 22, 2010

Reflections on the first 11 days of fundraising

Fundraising is hard. 11 Days ago I launched the fundraising campaign of my project on indiegogo- which is a crowd-funding website. Since then I have raised $115. Some of it has come from sources that I expected. Most of the donations have come from people who I was pleasantly surprised to see that she donated to me. This I suppose is the ups and downs of crowd funding. As a principle I like the concept, it’s an easy, visible and transparent way for me to put together $3000 and provide incentives for the people who donate. However, generating the interactivity with the website and the actual activity of donating has proved difficult. Many people who I was hoping would donate have not yet and I hope that the pace of fundraising will pick up in the next 49 days.

Any hints/tips out there for engaging folks in fundraising? What would help encourage you to donate???

check out and pass on the link-

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