Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Youth Program!

I would like to announce that I will be working with the Teen Leadership Seminar at Mishkan Shalom, the teens there will have the opportunity to create video, audio and more while studying and thinking about community in a jewish context.

Description of the Re-Mapping Our (his)Stories Program:

If you were given the chance to tell your own story, what would you say? How would you show people who you, your family and your community are?

Do you see representations of yourself in the media already? Do they portray what you and your life is really like?

As a part of the "Re-Mapping Our (his)Stories" project, you will learn the skills and be able to create your own (his)story in the form of audio tracks, zines, still pictures and even video. The finished product will become part of an archive, or collection, where people all over the world can share their own story and hear and learn from everyone else's.

Additionally! I am inviting ANY groups who want to be part of this project to contact me so that we can work together on creating a way that everyone can contribute to the creation of this collaborative, multi-media, multi-community (his)Story.

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