Thursday, November 11, 2010

Re-Mapping Our (his)Stories: Synopsis

On the edge of a digital revolution the ways that we get and receive information are constantly changing. But one thing remains constant, our history, or does it? How do we see ourselves? Our histories? Re-mapping Our (his)Stories is a project that changes our perceptions of history by using multi-media representations of history through physical installation and online archive to change the way that we look at history. Allowing ourselves to see the patterns and cycles in histories so that we can build together for a better future.

Re-Mapping Our (his)Stories is a collection of stories, a preservation of lives and a reconstruction of histories. Untold stories posses the power to analyze, restructure and overthrow the systems that hold us captive. Through work running youth programming, academic research and personal, artistic reflection I will be creating a multi-media installation as well as an online collaborative community archive. The two products are mirrors of themselves one occupying physical space and the other occupying digital space, both seeking to understand the relationship between time and space and asking the question, what happens when we attempt to map time.

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