Tuesday, April 12, 2011

(his)story: A Generation of Documentation

The multi-media installation component of this project was installed at Hampshire College over April 7th & 8th.

(his)Story: A Generation of Documentation

My life has been intensely documented, from both the inside and outside.

I can trace my existence not only in my memories and family stories, but also in the videos and photographs that document each moment. I am seeking power from this documentation, the power of another perspective on my lived experience. The documentation of my life gives me an alternative telling to supplement my own story.

My generation is the generation that grew with the Internet. Entering a Post-Cold War word, our lives are perpetually shaped by the means thru which we communicate in a globalized, digitized world.

Digital space is so vast while also so limited. Digital space manipulates our physical borders, bringing us closer to those who are far away and farther from those who are closest. The space stretches to the edge of infinity but our use of it is constrained by our ability to navigate effectively. This new frontier is full of possibility but also limitations if we don’t learn to properly harness its power.

What of my history is left in the place where I grew up? My identity has been physically erased by the system it was forced into, references to my sexuality censored from high schools archives. This leaves a tainted legacy, an invisible history. Pouring into my families’ memories I wonder what is left out? What is kept? What is hidden? How do we decipher the secrets of the past, what do we leave for the future?

The pieces in this show represent the documentation of our stories, in forms we are all too familiar with and in ways that subtly expose our memories and associations while challenging us to form new ones. We choose to document our lives, through pictures, video, stories, social media and more. We choose to leave behind documentation of our stories, our struggles and our triumphs. We seek to find ourselves within the broader context of these narratives, to understand our place within the world, to understand ourselves, our identities.

(his)Story is an intervention into our notions of history. (his)Story disrupts our perception of historical narrative and embraces the possibility of multiple concurrent historical narratives.

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